We want to help you grow.

We host events for college students throughout the year because we want you to know Jesus deeply, and grow in your faith. These events aren’t the foundation of what we do as a ministry; at the heart of our ministry is life-on-life discipleship. The events we put on are meant to be “catalyzers” that propel your spiritual growth. Our hope is that these events would provide environments where you can join with other students who are spiritually hungry and receive thorough Biblical teaching that will assist you in building a strong spiritual foundation for the rest of your life.

College Lunch

Sunday, September 8 • 12:45–2pm • Park Church Building

Students, join us to meet other college students who are following Jesus and to get to know your local Campus Outreach staff. If you attend Park Church, this is also a great opportunity to learn how you can grow and serve at Park. If you don’t attend Park Church, this lunch is still for you!

The Park Church Building is located at 3025 W 37th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Vision Pathways Denver

September 2019–May 2020 • $300

VP Denver is designed for Christian post graduates that have a desire to continue building a Gospel centered foundation that they can build upon for the rest of their lives after college. VP Denver will focus primarily on identity, community, and mission as a follower of Christ in the real world. We spend time helping you see how your story is woven into the greater story of the Gospel, and help you grow in your awareness of your gifts, strengths, and how your work is actually bringing glory to God. VP Denver will provide you with leadership, helping you navigate the complexities of life after college as well as create an environment of fertile soil for you to plant deep roots into the local church.

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